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Park Hill Primary

Parent Comments


Year 2 Maths Workshop

14th November 2018

Thank you so much. It was so useful to know how it goes in the class and to know the best ways for solving, also to get inspiration to improve my daughters maths.

Today's inspire workshop was very helpful. It will hep me teach my son his homework. Thank you

A really good insight into today's learning. Its a good way to see how maths is taught today. Thank you

It a good idea arranging these workshops. It helped me understand what my child is learning in the class and it will give me ideas to practice at home.

The workshop was so helpful to the children.

I found the workshop very useful, we will continue these methods at home to help him with his homework.

Reception  English Inspire Workshop -

19th November 2018

Good  workshop, interacting with my child to see what the have learnt, need more workshops

Not sure who had more fun - the parents or the children! its great to see what our kids are learning and the creative ways that they are learnings phonics

Really enjoyed learning about Phonics and the sounds they create. Thanks for all your hard teaching.

I really enjoyed the workshop it gave me a chance to have one on one time in school with my child.




Year 5 Maths workshop

23rd November 2018

Maths Inspire workshop was really fun, the pacing was excellent.  Thank you.

I enjoyed learning with my child, I know how I'm going to help my child at home.  Thanks a lovely workshop

An amazing workshop, explained very well.  I really enjoyed the one to one time with my child.

Its been quite an eye opening experience ..... well done

It was really nice chance to know what my son is doing in maths this term.

We have had a fantastic time. I really enjoyed the prime rap! I think its a great way to get the children to learn.

We actually really enjoyed this workshop. The methods that the teacher uses are very helpful.

A fabulous workshop, I really oved how the teacher explained all the terms clearly. everything was explained very well.  Thank you so much for holding these workshops as they give a great insight into how our children are being taught.


Year 4 Maths Workshop 3rd December 2018


I enjoyed today so much.  The bingo game is fund and something I will take home with me.

It was refreshing and a struggle to do some of the activities myself.

Interesting workshop. Its nice to know how the children are taught.

*  very enjoyable    * informative   * relaxing   * well done children

Year 6 Maths Workshop on

10th December 2018

Excellent, great lesson, don't need to add or change anything.

The maths workshop was really helpful and fund I enjoyed working with my child and may I say that the teacher is doing such a fantastic job. Thank you

Enjoyable working with my son. Fun ways to learn multiplication.

I really enjoyed todays workshop especially the bingo game at the end.

Fabulous! fun and effective way to learn.







Year 1 Maths Workshop on 28th November