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Park Hill Primary

Park Hill's Got Talent 2020

A message from Miss Brown:

The Talent Competition had always genuinely been one of my favourite events in the school calendar. Every year, I love watching the children perform and show off their passions. I love hearing the other teachers and children talk about how good the performances are and how amazed they are by their friends. It has brought me great joy to be able to enjoy these performances from home and I hope you all enjoy them as much as I have. 

Thank you to everyone who entered this year! 










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A poem by a child in Year 5.

So boring 
Wake up Monday morning, tv blaring the news, getting ready for school. So boring! 
Sitting in class listening to all the sounds, thinking about chilling at home doing nothing all day.
Walking to assembly, marching down, shush! No sounds! Straight rows, all quiet. Mr Malcolm's voice drowned out, smells of rubber, when is this going to finish? This is so boring. 
Watching the clock in class ticktock, so boring! Time passing by, playtime, lunchtime, I'd rather be at home doing nothing.
Final hour, why are you so slow? Minutes going backwards. This is very boring.
Finally, hometime but one thing left, a race, who will get there first? Hope its not mine that's trampled on the floor.
Coat zipped up, bag held, great, Its raining! Friends running around, wind is cold, teacher wants coffee, I don't blame him. We should've all just stayed home this is extremely boring!
Throw my bag and shoes in the doorway. Finally, now I can relax, this is the life! Munching on snacks, tv on, news murmuring in the background. I cant wait for summer holidays. 
Tv volume is getting louder, everything around me is muted. What's happening surely its not that bad!? 
A flu killing people, a disease sweeping all over the world, is this real? Feels like I'm in a bad dream. Suddenly germs are everywhere, shops shelves are empty, even loo roll is extinct.
Wake up Monday morning, tv blaring the news, lockdown? Quarantine? No school!? Yes! This is amazing, or is it? 
Days have turned into weeks. No family or friends to see, no shops, no going outside, no nothing... this is boring!
Sun shining through the windows, trees that blossomed have changed, spring has turned into summer. All we hear now is virus, pandemic, lockdown this is so boring.
I'd rather be at school, in the classroom with my friends. That was the opposite of boring.
And finally, a performance from Mr Game.